Promises Kept

Promises Kept

As Senator for Virginia’s 19th district I kept my promises. I’ll continue to do so for the 20th district.

  • I will never vote to raise your taxes or user fees at any time.
  • I will fight to reduce state spending and the size of state government.
  • I will fight to protect our rural, conservative values & way of life here in the 19th State Senate district.
  • I will fight to take back the 20th district.
  • I will fight to strengthen our immigration policy – I will ensure that our commonwealth will enforce the state law if the federal government will not.
  • I support the “Repeal Amendment,” and will be a stalwart in preserving the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Virginia over the over-reaching power of the federal government.
  • I will always fight to protect human life as sacred, and will defend our citizen’s right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd amendment of our Constitution.
  • I will strictly adhere to the United States & Virginia Constitutions, as well as the Republican Creed.
  • I will fight to reduce taxes & and the crushing government regulations on small businesses in order to make the 19th a business-friendly area for new businesses to start, and existing businesses to expand and grow.
  • I will never vote for a bill that will raise our utility rates.
  • I will seek to lessen the grip of AEP on the rights of individual property owners around Smith Mountain and Leesville Lakes.
  • I will support Del. Kathy Byron’s bill to repeal the law that made HPV vaccinations mandatory for the daughters of Virginia parents.
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  • Where do you stand on free trade in the health care industry? My concern is the oppressive laws which subject non-physician health care providers to physicians and hospitals. These limit health care to “medical” care and prevent those of us who are licensed from working and increase the cost od health care for all by limiting competition. I and several others in our area are licensed certified nurse midwives. We have worked our butts off, paid tens of thousands of dollars for a university education and clinical experience, taken the national test, paid for a state license, etc, etc., but cannot actually provide services due to the restrictive laws in the state.

    I’m sure there are many other ways the laws prevent licensed professionals from providing services. Where do you stand on this issue?

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