Bill Stanley: New Leadership In Southside

Stanley cites latest unemployment report as further evidence of Southside’s need for new leadership

Republican Senator notes failure of Obama policies and federal stimulus enthusiastically supported by Roscoe Reynolds

Glade Hill VA, 29 September 2011: The most recent unemployment rates for Southside communities were released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics yesterday, and the report indicated that unemployment increased across the region from July to August. The performance of individual communities cited in the report is as follows:

“Just reading this report makes me cringe,” declared Senator William M. “Bill” Stanley, Jr. (R-Franklin). “Our region continues its 15-year job decline, but my opponent, Democrat Roscoe Reynolds, asks us to believe he has worked to create jobs. This report is indisputable evidence his approach, which emulates Obama Administration policies, has failed.

“Roscoe Reynolds supported and praised Barack Obama and his big spending, big government agenda. This report is a reminder that those policies – and the approach Reynolds has advocated throughout his career – have failed. Making matters worse, both the Obama Administration and Roscoe Reynolds have not allowed these failures to alter their commitment to more of the same. False promises about hope and change have meant nothing except the continued destruction of our local economy, and the untold impact on the lives of friends and neighbors.

“Back in 2009, the Martinsville Bulletin quoted Reynolds as saying, ‘Thank goodness for the stimulus package.’ Two years later, the results indicate there is little in that failed stimulus to be thankful about, as the federal government has grown to its largest size in history by borrowing 42 cents of every dollar it spends. Job creation has been brought to a halt and we are all on the hook for a debt that will burden Americans for generations to come.

“There are solutions to this situation. We can lower taxes on businesses to encourage job creation, provide added incentives for our existing businesses to grow and others to locate here, reduce the regulatory burden, and recommit to workforce education. But, these obvious solutions will never be embraced by the Obama Administration or Roscoe Reynolds.

“This cycle of failure has to end. If we are going to restore our economy and bring jobs back home for our children and future generations, we must replace the elected officials who supported these failed policies. We can’t replace Barack Obama until 2012, but Roscoe Reynolds and the liberal Beltway Democrats who run the Virginia Senate can be replaced on November 8 of this year.

“I am looking forward to continuing to work with Governor McDonnell to bring common sense solutions to Southside and Southwest Virginia as your senator.”

The 20th District is comprised of all of Henry and Patrick Counties, the Cities of Galax and Martinsville, and portions of Carroll, Franklin, Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, and the City of Danville.

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