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Glade Hill, VA, Aug. 16, 2011 – “Since I announced my bid for the 20th State Senate seat in May of this year I have been working very hard, and traveling all over the district, in order to meet my fellow citizens and get our pro-jobs message to the voters. As a further step in our campaign, our message to voters is now on the air, and we are continuing to work in the field. Our campaign is moving forward to give the citizens of the Virginia’s 20th senate district a new voice and new leadership in Richmond,” said Bill Stanley.

The Stanley for Senate Campaign has released the first television and radio commercials of the campaign. Stanley said, “We have many friends in the new twentieth district, and with redistricting we have found many, many more. I am very pleased with the response we have been receiving as we travel the district. It is very clear that folks are concerned, and too often afraid that our current economic conditions are not going to get any better until things are different in Richmond.

It is far past the time for government to remove the strangle hold that it has on both the economy, and the lives of the folks living here. It is time to make Southside and Southwest Virginia business-friendly in order to create jobs, allow small business to flourish, and put folks back to work.

We also completed a new radio spot.

Listen to the Radio Commercial

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