The Stanley Amendment

The Stanley Amendment

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  • Dawn Gambardella says

    Are known gun criminals and gang members going to be placed on the Red Flag Law list? If not why not?
    When asked to turn in a weapon under the Red Flag law, how do you know that it’s the appropriate gun? What if the accuser doesn’t know the make or model. What if they have more than one?How do you verify serial numbers?

  • Mark Reino says

    Mr. Stanley,
    My wife and I are Virginians from Stanleytown and Danville respectively, who moved away some years ago while advancing our careers. After much searching and consideration we decided to purchase a retirement home in 2018 in Stuart.

    Assuming at the time that our beloved Old Dominion was politically and culturally as we left it back in 1983. Apparently since last year everything has gone hard left and it’s scary to the point where we’re seriously wondering if we made a mistake coming back.

    What is going on here? Virginia always had reasonable gun laws, supporting sportsmen and our constitutional rights. It’s shameful what is going on in Richmond.

    I have a question regarding the WV “VEXIT“ proposition HCR8. Hypothetically, would annexation to WV under their proposal cause our VA political representatives, such as yourself to lose your positions? Wouldn’t they/you retain their positions representing their respective districts, until such time as WV normally schedules their elections? I have great concern allowing NOVA to run our government like some “Caliyork” clone.

    I urge you to please help with our concerns, as we have no one else to consult about this. I would not want you to lose your position, as you are truly a defender of our rights and customs, but fear we may ALL lose under the impending communist rule being shoved through the houses and by that idiot currently occupying the governors seat.

    Please know that we support you regardless!

  • Kenneth Finney says

    We need to get Northam out of office NOW! The Democrats are already running this country into the ground. Many businesses here in southwest Virginia aren’t going to survive this shutdown. I feel like many of us will lose houses and our transportation. What else can we do besides showing up at the poles on election day? Most of Virginia showed up at the last election and most of the state did not vote for Northam.

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