Who Is Bill Stanley

Who Is Bill Stanley

As the son of a naval aviator my family traveled throughout the United States wherever duty called. In 1983 my family purchased a house in Franklin County. My father chose to move here not only for the beauty of the land but most of all the values and character of its people. I graduated from Hampden Sydney College and the D.C. School of Law, and began my law practice in Northern Virginia with former Attorney General Candidate Gil Davis.

One of the first cases I was involved in was Paula Jones vs. Bill Clinton which resulted in a favorable 9-0 Supreme Court decision. In 1999 I returned home to practice law in Franklin County and to help my mom reach one of her life goals, which was to become a lawyer.After my father passed away, I encouraged my Mother to go to law school—and I am proud to be her partner in my law firm here in Franklin County.

My political foundation was cemented by the conservative values of my father a Ronald Reagan Republican who preached the benefits of working hard, personal responsibility, spending less than you earn, and standing by your principals no matter what the cost. I became the Franklin County Republican Party Chairman in 2008 and doubled the size of the unit and helped to elect Republicans to county offices such as supervisor and sheriff.

In 2010, I won election to become 5th District Republican Party Chairman. During my tenure as Chairman, the district committee has transformed itself into a successful cohesive grassroots-oriented conservative political organization that is a force in the future of Virginia politics, and was able to provide Robert Hurt the essential volunteer effort that helped him win election to be our next great Congressman here in the 5th.

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  • Matt Stoeckel says

    Bill Stanley is one of the finest men I know. As a part time resident of the 5th District, Chairman of the City of Fairfax Republican Committee and long time friend, I know Bill will uphold the conservative principles and values the 5th District hold so dear.That is why he has my 100% Endorsement

  • David Skiles says

    I have known Bill for three years now and I can think of no one better suited to serve as the next State Senator from the 19th District.

    Bill is a dedicated conservative who understands the critical issues affecting the Commonwealth. He has the leadership and vision to serve us well in Richmond.

    I am happy to support Bill and hope you will too!

  • Mark Lloyd says

    Bill Stanley understands the challenges we face in our Commonwealth and the Republic. He understands the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional fidelity.

    I have full faith and confidence he will work tirelessly and will represent Virginians of the 19th district in an exemplary manner. I will proudly support Bill Stanley, and urge others to do the same. Bill has my dedicated endorsement.

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