Campaign Update: Let’s Keep Fighting for Freedom

In just the last few days we have seen tremendous victories that demonstrate the power of our conservative philosophy and the importance of fighting with dogged determination for our principles.

Obamacare was dealt a severe blow in the 4th district federal circuit as partially unconstitutional in the case brought by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

And just last night we saw the Washington Democrats admit defeat on their plan to add another $1.2 TRILLION to our national debt with more reckless spending.

Victories like these don’t happen by accident; they are a direct result of We the People standing up to the politicians and making our voices heard.

These are important victories, but we cannot stop now.  Here in the Commonwealth, we are just 25 days away from the first election that will determine the course of the Virginia Senate.

As the Republican nominee to replace Congressman-Elect Robert Hurt in the 19th Senate district, I know how important momentum is going into the special election on January 11th.  This is why my race is so crucial for our prospects this November.

Either the Democrats will retain control and continue to push more government, higher taxes and job-killing legislation, or conservatives can win the Senate and give Governor Bob McDonnell a Senate he can work with to cut spending, reform government, create jobs and put government back to work for the people.

I am working tirelessly every day to inform voters of the stakes at hand, but I cannot do it alone.

Your contribution of $100, $50 or even $25 dollars is crucial to our plans to contact voters in this low-turnout election and get them to the polls. Please click here to make your donation now.

Now is no time for complacency, so please take a moment for the future of the Commonwealth, and make a contribution to my campaign today!

Thank you again for all of your support. I am eternally grateful for everything you do for our nation and our great Commonwealth.  Please have a safe and blessed Christmas and holiday season.

Your friend,


Bill Stanley

P.s. – Remember, there are only 25 days left in this crucial special election!  Your donation of $100, $50 or $25 TODAY will be the difference for Republicans to win back the Senate, and give Virginians the principled conservative leadership they deserve!

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