Conservative Senators Back Bill Stanley

Heading into tomorrow’s GOP firehouse primary, the Bill Stanley for Senate campaign is excited to annouce it has earned the support and endorsement of five outstanding conservative leaders in the Virginia Senate.

GOP Senators Mark Obenshain (Harrisonburg), Steve Newman (Lynchburg), Ralph Smith (Roanoke), Steve Martin (Chesterfield) and Jill Holtzman Vogel (Winchester) are urging conservatives in Virginia’s 19th Senatorial district to vote for Bill Stanley in the Tuesday primary.

Said Stanley, “When the people of the Commonwealth look for principled, courageous conservatives to carry the banner for the bedrock principles of life, liberty and limited government, these are the very heroes they turn to without fail.  I’m very humble to have their support and would be honored to join them in the Senate to advance our cause.”

Said Senator Mark Obenshain:

“Bill Stanley is a dedicated conservative who will stand up for common sense conservative principles in the Senate of Virginia. He understands that government has grown too fast and is serious about cutting costs, making government more efficient, and keeping taxes low. As the next senator from the 19th district, he won’t just talk the talk. He’ll walk the walk, which is why I’m proud to support him.”

The Senators join a growing list of leading Virginia conservative groups and individuals who are supporting Bill Stanley, including Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Lynchburg Tea Party, Delegate Bob Marshall (Manassas) and Gun Owners of America.

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