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Glade Hill, VA, November 2, 2011 – Senator William M. Stanley, Jr. (R-Franklin) called out his Democrat opponent, Senator W. Roscoe Reynolds (D-Henry), for his failure to do anything other than talk on the cost of electricity and increases in electricity rates.

“After fourteen years in the Senate, the only thing Roscoe Reynolds offers the people of Southside is talk,” declared Stanley.  “When it comes to combating electricity rate hikes, Roscoe is an ‘accomplishment-free zone’ of rhetoric, hyperbole, and posturing.  Since talking about the problem requires the lowest level of effort, Roscoe has excelled in this one area.

“Roscoe’s new focus on increased electricity rates in his advertisements leaves one important fact out: Roscoe strongly supported the election of Barack Obama, who readily acknowledged when campaigning that under his energy policies ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.’  On that point, the President has kept his promise.  The policies coming out of Washington have exacerbated our situation, increasing the cost of electricity for everyone, and particularly so in areas like ours where much of the electricity is generated by coal.

“Roscoe Reynolds has done little other than talk to alleviate this situation.  Making matters worse, he cheered on the Obama campaign in 2008 and continues to support them today.  This is not the way to improve electricity rates for the people of Southside and Southwest.

“Roscoe demonizes the power company, but continues supporting legislation that places increased cost burdens on electricity providers and coal producers.  He’s hoping the public won’t notice the reality: That his policies and the policies of his fellow Obama Democrats in Washington that has affected the price our people are paying for electricity.  He even voted against the bill I presented that would give the SCC and the Attorney General more time to review and challenge rate increases.  That’s just more proof you can’t believe what he says.

“Whether it’s higher unemployment, increased spending, or job-killing taxes and regulation, Roscoe Reynolds’s fourteen-year record of rhetoric without results has got to end.”

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