Senator Bill Stanley declared Republican Nominee in 20th District

Senator Bill Stanley declared Republican Nominee in 20th District

Senator Bill Stanley declared Republican Nominee in 20th District

Incumbent Republican Senator only candidate to file for GOP nod against Democrat Roscoe Reynolds in November

Glade Hill VA, 16 June 2011: Jeff Williams, Chairman of the 20th Senatorial District Republican Committee, today announced that only one candidate filed the paperwork required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to qualify for the August 23, 2011, Republican Primary. Senator William M. “Bill” Stanley, Jr. (R-Franklin) of Glade Hill was the only candidate to file for the nomination. As a result, there will be no primary and Stanley will be the Republican nominee in the November 8th General Election.

“I am honored to be the Republican nominee for the Senate in the 20th District,” said Stanley. “We will now be able to begin doing the important work of reclaiming the newly drawn Twentieth District from Democratic control.

“Years of ineffective representation in the Virginia Senate have devastated our local businesses and have hurt the hard-working families of the district. There is no excuse for this, and now we have the chance to correct things after so many years of legislative and representative neglect.

“Now is the time for voters to come together, to do the hard work of restoring their strong voice in Richmond, and returning our region to its rightful place as a leader in the future economic prosperity of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“I will stand on my record in the Senate this year as one that reflects the values and principles of the hard-working and self-reliant people of the Twentieth District.

“The fact that the liberal democrats have made every attempt to eliminate principled conservative voices from the Senate by carving up Southside and Southwest Virginia tells the tale. The Northern Virginia Democrats, with the approval and endorsement of Roscoe Reynolds, created a 20th District that unnecessarily split up communities of interest as well as local voting precincts with the purpose of diluting the voice of the people of Southside. But, we are not going to let them get away with it. Their desperate attempt to hang onto power in the halls of our State Capitol will not stand.

“Roscoe has got to go. We can’t afford anymore neglect. Our future and that of our children depends on our leadership during these tough economic times. We must keep taxes low, keep the cost of living and utility rates in our area affordable, and create an economic climate in our region where small businesses will grow, big businesses will relocate, and the American dream will once again thrive.”

The 20th District is comprised of all of Henry and Patrick Counties, the Cities of Galax and Martinsville, and portions of Carroll, Franklin, Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, and the City of Danville.


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