Glade Hill, VA, 9/2/2011 – “The jobs report released today just said “ZERO.” Zero surprise to anyone other than the Administration. Zero jobs created in the month of August are what they reported nationally, but the situation we face in this region of Virginia is far worse,” stated Bill Stanley, candidate for Virginia’s 20th senatorial district.

“Zero jobs created and we are still looking at 9.1% unemployment nationally. Zero jobs created nationally translate into a more frightening number in Southside and Southwest Virginia. We all know that. Too many of our citizens are living through the nightmare of unemployment, or underemployment, with Zero hope of anything changing soon. However the federal government, and some in the Virginia senate, continue to tie the hands of the private sector to do anything about it. They have done ‘Zero’ to help. Over-regulation, over taxation, and the over promising of government has added to the struggles endured by businesses and families.

My opponent, Roscoe Reynolds, has done ‘Zero’ to remove the problems cause by intrusive government. He and his liberal friends in northern Virginia, have ‘Zero’ willingness to address the problems head-on that have caused so much of the deterioration of the economy in the district. This must not continue.

I look forward to finding new and innovative solutions to return business to the region. I look forward to supporting the initiatives of our governor, Bob McDonnell, to restore a thriving and vibrant economy to every community in the district.”

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